Three-Phase Dust Extractors (T Line)



Powerful dust separator suitable for fine dust. Can handle building, grinding, plaster and concrete dust. Equipped with a fine filter (flushable) and H13 filter which meets the asbestos requirements. An hour counter and vacuum meter for filter control are supplied as standard. Collection in Logopac (20 m plastic bag). Efficient air pulse cleaning. The wheels are of the “non-marking type”, puncture free and lockable at the front. Supplied fitted and complete with cleaning equipment and transport protection.



T6000 has been developed with close attention paid to size and weight. It is equipped with the newly developed large polyester filter cartridge, which is mounted in our new S-Line machines. The machine is equipped with Jetpulse filter cleaning. The T6000 also has a backblow function.

Pullman Ermator T7500

The follow-up to the popular T75 model.  The T7500 has a 20% increased filter area and has been lowered by 10cm for easy transportation.  Wear resistant pre-filter hoses and a H13 main filter.  Longopac® bag hose system for dust free bag changes.  Suitable as a central vacuum and all types of floor grinders. 





Further development of our bestseller the T7500. This machine has been given a more powerful motor wth a controlled frequency of up to 60 Hz without damaging the pump. This has resulted in a higher maximum flow, but above all a better working flow under tough conditions. Fine filter socks and an H13 filter. Collection in a longopac. Perfect as a source of suction for smaller central systems and floor sanding machines.



3 phase dust separator with no less than 11kW. Perfect for large concrete floors or grinding machines with more than three grinding heads. Able to suck up large quantities during long periods of operation. Exhaust air is centred and can be led out through a hose when grinding e.g. epoxy. The cyclone’s separation solutions keep down dust from the filter cassette. Jet pulse filter cleaning and oversize hepa filters mean that the very smallest, most hazardous particles are filtered even in spite of very high air flow. Collection in longopac®.


    T4000        T6000    T7500
Motor effect (kW)                 5.5

Weight (kg)                 210

Suction capacity (m³/h)                 600

Vacuum                 33

Start apparatus                 Y/D

Fine filter                 Polyester

Hepa filter                 H13

Air pulse cleaning                 Yes

Collection                 Longopac®